This small helicopter, which has already gone down in history, completed its second flight on the red planet last Thursday.

NASA's Ingenuity's First Stunts on Mars

Just a few days ago we saw him fly for the first time on Mars and, just four days later, Ingenuity has already dared to do some stunts. This Monday, NASA applauded the images that the Perseverance rover sent to the space station facilities with the first flight of this small helicopter that has already gone down in history. And it has become the first vehicle to fly on an extraterrestrial planet. But they did not settle for just an elevation of three meters above the surface of the red planet.

Already announcing new flights last Monday, this Thursday NASA has been able to take another step in the history and success of this Perseverance project. Despite the fact that Ingenuity did not have scientific or exploration tasks assigned for this mission, the space agency has taken the opportunity to continue making flights that allow them to learn a little more about the surface of Mars. In fact, this helicopter has already confirmed the use of vehicles on the planet to continue discovering its characteristics.

This was his second flight on Mars

On this occasion, Ingenuity was able to ascend up to five meters above the surface of the red planet, two more than in the first flight. Then, once in the air, the small helicopter has shown that it can move easily in the atmosphere of Mars, characterized by being thinner, 1% as thick as that of Earth, and with a force of gravity of approximately one-third.

On its second flight, Ingenuity was able to move laterally about two meters and then turn on its own axis to descend back to its initial position. And, such has been the success recorded by NASA, that the vehicle already has new missions scheduled for the next few days. 

NASA already plans new flights

And it is that the American space station wants to speed up its testing window of 30 suns to the maximum, the name by which Martian days are known. At the moment, the mission is already at 18 suns, with a team determined to continue doing endless studies of the red planet, including new flights of the helicopter, Ingenuity, to find out how far it can go. That is to say, its intention is to demonstrate how fast it can be, its agility, and how high it can lift off the ground.